prof. dr. ir. T. (Tjisse) van der Heide

Professor of Coastal Ecology

prof. dr. ir. T. (Tjisse) van der Heide


Research units:

  1. A Lévy expansion strategy optimizes early dune building by beach grasses

    Reijers, V. C., Siteur, K., Hoeks, S., van Belzen, J., Borst, A. C. W., Heusinkveld, J. H. T., Govers, L. L., Bouma, T. J., Lamers, L. P. M., van de Koppel, J. & van der Heide, T., 14-Jun-2019, In : Nature Communications. 10, 1, 9 p., 2656.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

  2. The fundamental role of ecological feedback mechanisms for the adaptive management of seagrass ecosystems: A review

    Maxwell, P. S., Eklof, J. S., van Katwijk, M. M., O'Brien, K. R., de la Torre-Castro, M., Bostrom, C., Bouma, T. J., Krause-Jensen, D., Unsworth, R. K. F., van Tussenbroek, B. I. & van der Heide, T., Aug-2017, In : Biological Reviews. 92, 3, p. 1521-1538 18 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalReview articleAcademicpeer-review

  3. Behavioral self-organization underlies the resilience of a coastal ecosystem

    de Paoli, H., van der Heide, T., van den Berg, A., Silliman, B. R., Herman, P. M. J. & van de Koppel, J., 25-Jul-2017, In : Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 114, 30, p. 8035-8040 6 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

  4. Mutualistic interactions amplify saltmarsh restoration success

    Derksen-Hooijberg, M., Angelini, C., Lamers, L. P. M., Borst, A., Smolders, A., Hoogveld, J. R. H., de Paoli, H., van de Koppel, J., Silliman, B. R. & van der Heide, T., Jan-2018, In : Journal of Applied Ecology. 55, 1, p. 405-414 10 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

  5. Foundation species enhance food web complexity through non-trophic facilitation

    Borst, A. C. W., Verberk, W. C. E. P., Angelini, C., Schotanus, J., Wolters, J-W., Christianen, M. J. A., van der Zee, E. M., Derksen-Hooijberg, M. & van der Heide, T., 31-Aug-2018, In : PLoS ONE. 13, 8, 15 p., 0199152.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

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  1. Dataset for: Benthic primary producers are key to sustain the Wadden Sea food web: Stable carbon isotope analysis at landscape scale

    Christianen, M. (Creator), Middelburg, J. J. (Creator), Holthuijsen, S. (Creator), Jouta, J. (Creator), Compton, T. J. (Creator), Heide, van der, T. (Creator), Piersma, T. (Creator), Sinninghe Damste, J. S. (Creator), van der Veer, H. W. (Creator), Schouten, S. (Creator), Olff, H. (Creator), University of Groningen, 19-Mar-2017


  2. Data from: Habitat collapse due to overgrazing threatens turtle conservation in marine protected areas

    Christianen, M. (Creator), Herman, P. M. J. (Creator), Bouma, T. (Creator), Lamers, L. P. M. (Creator), van Katwijk, M. M. (Creator), Heide, van der, T. (Creator), Mumby, P. J. (Creator), Silliman, B. R. (Creator), Engelhard, S. L. (Creator), van de Kerk, M. (Creator), Kiswara, W. (Creator), Koppel, van de, J. (Creator), University of Groningen, 14-Jan-2014


  3. Data from: How habitat-modifying organisms structure the food web of two coastal ecosystems

    Zee, van der, E. (Creator), Angelini, C. (Creator), Govers, L. (Creator), Christianen, M. (Creator), Altieri, A. H. (Creator), Reijden, van der, K. (Creator), Silliman, B. R. (Creator), Koppel, van de, J. (Creator), van der Geest, M. (Creator), Gils, van, J. (Creator), Veer, H. W. V. D. (Creator), Piersma, T. (Creator), Ruiter, de, P. C. (Creator), Olff, H. (Creator), Heide, van der, T. (Creator), University of Groningen, 16-Feb-2016


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  1. Waddensleutels

    Olff, H., Piersma, T., Eriksson, K., Heide, van der, T., Govers, L., Weerman, E., Christianen, M. & Zee, van der, E.


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    Laura Govers (Advisor), Tjisse van der Heide (Advisor), Han Olff (Advisor)

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Press / Media
  1. Wetenschappelijke doorbraak: Zeegras terug van weggeweest op Wadden

    Laura Govers & Tjisse Heide, van der


    1 item of media coverage, 1 media contribution

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  2. Griend Nieuwsbrief

    Laura Govers, Emma Penning & Tjisse Heide, van der


    5 media contributions

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