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An analysis of the mobility hub concept in the Netherlands: Historical lessons for its implementation

Governance-arrangementen voor regionale hub ontwikkeling: Resultaten van een casestudie in Groningen-Drenthe

Wat we leren van de hubs van toen

Hub programme Groningen and Drenthe: state of hubs, governance, and future outlook

Perceived accessibility: what it is and why it differs from calculated accessibility measures based on spatial data

Towards a negotiation model for rural mobility hub development: Using an exemperimental game-theoretic approach

A qualitative analysis of multimodal hub concepts in Dutch national transport and land-use policy

Linking experienced barriers during daily travel and transport poverty in peripheral rural areas: the case of Zeeland, the Netherlands

Bevolkingsdaling en de effecten op de bereikbaarheid en de mobiliteit in Nederland

Learning in the face of change: The Dutch National Collaboration Programme on Air Quality

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