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Embodied virtual geographies: linkages between bodies, spaces, and digital environments

Restorative and afflicting qualities of the micro-space encounter: psychophysiological reactions to the spaces of the city

Virtual Reality Methods: A Guide For Researchers in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Exploring Older Adults' Experiences of Urban Space in the COVID-19 Lockdowns: Dutch and British Perspectives

Exploring older adult's experiences of urban space in the COVID-19 lockdowns: Dutch and British perspectives

Gaming and VR in geographical research

Ouderen tijdens de eerste lockdown in Nederland en Engeland

‘We may be long in the tooth, but it makes us tough’: Exploring stillness for older adults during the COVID-19 lockdowns

Analysing virtual landscapes using postmemory

Developing a Citizen Social Science approach to understand urban stress and promote wellbeing in urban communities

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