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High- and Low-Performing Adult Cochlear Implant Users on High-Variability Sentence Recognition: Differences in Auditory Spectral Resolution and Neurocognitive Functioning

Talker variability in word recognition under cochlear implant simulation: Does talker gender matter?

The impact of speaking style on speech recognition in quiet and multi-talker babble in adult cochlear implant users

Perceptual Discrimination of Speaking Style Under Cochlear Implant Simulation

The discrimination of voice cues in simulations of bimodal electro-acoustic cochlear-implant hearing

Effects of phonetic reduction and regional dialect on vowel production

Perception and psychoacoustics of speech in cochlear implant users

Variation in the strength of lexical encoding across dialects

Erratum: Effects of local lexical competition and regional dialect on vowel production (vol 136, pg 1, 2014)

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VICI Grant: Voice perception with a robot