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Lexical Effects on the Perceived Clarity of Noise-Vocoded Speech in Younger and Older Listeners

Bottom-Up Signal Quality Impacts the Role of Top-Down Cognitive-Linguistic Processing During Speech Recognition by Adults with Cochlear Implants

Development and structure of the VariaNTS corpus: A spoken Dutch corpus containing talker and linguistic variability

Talker Adaptation and Lexical Difficulty Impact Word Recognition in Adults with Cochlear Implants

The effects of lexical content, acoustic and linguistic variability, and vocoding on voice cue perception

The Perception of Regional Dialects and Foreign Accents by Cochlear Implant Users

Word and Nonword Reading Efficiency in Postlingually Deafened Adult Cochlear Implant Users

High- and Low-Performing Adult Cochlear Implant Users on High-Variability Sentence Recognition: Differences in Auditory Spectral Resolution and Neurocognitive Functioning

Talker variability in word recognition under cochlear implant simulation: Does talker gender matter?

The impact of speaking style on speech recognition in quiet and multi-talker babble in adult cochlear implant users

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VICI Grant: Voice perception with a robot