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An integrated approach towards extracting structural characteristics of chlorosomes from a bchQ mutant of Chlorobaculum tepidum

Celebrating 25 years of 2D IR spectroscopy

Controlling the nonadiabatic dynamics of the charge-transfer process with chirped pulses: Insights from a double-pump time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy scheme

Cyclopentene ring effects in cyanine dyes: A handle to fine-tune photophysical properties

Electric Field Susceptibility of Chlorophyll c Leads to Unexpected Excitation Dynamics in the Major Light-Harvesting Complex of Diatoms

Inter-subunit energy transfer processes in a minimal plant photosystem II supercomplex

Observation of Dark States in Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectra of Chlorosomes

Spatial Correlations Drive Long-Range Transport and Trapping of Excitons in Single H‑Aggregates: Experiment and Theory

An efficient time-domain implementation of the multichromophoric Förster resonant energy transfer method

Manifestation of Hydrogen Bonding and Exciton Delocalization on the Absorption and Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectra of Chlorosomes

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