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Light-Fuelled Self-Assembly of Cyclic Peptides into Supramolecular Tubules

How Defects Control the Out-of-Equilibrium Dissipative Evolution of a Supramolecular Tubule

Light-fuelled reversible expansion of spiropyran-based vesicles in water

Doping of semiconductors by molecular monolayers: monolayer formation, dopant diffusion and applications

Electron-Transfer Rates in Host Guest Assemblies at beta-Cyclodextrin Monolayers

Highly doped silicon nanowires by monolayer doping

High-Power Actuation from Molecular Photoswitches in Enantiomerically Paired Soft Springs

Molecular photoswitches mediating the strain-driven disassembly of supramolecular tubules

Monolayer Contact Doping from a Silicon Oxide Source Substrate

Spectroscopic Contrast of Diarylethene Molecules on Octanethiol Monolayer

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