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Childhood and Adolescent Bullying Perpetration and Later Substance Use: A Meta-analysis

Family Belongingness Attenuates Entrapment and Buffers Its Association with Suicidal Ideation in a Sample of Dutch Sexual Minority Emerging Adults

The Value of Multiple-Generation Cohorts for Studying Parenting and Child Development

Caught in a vicious cycle? Explaining bidirectional spillover between parent-child relationships and peer victimization

Explaining Health Disparities between Heterosexual and LGB Adolescents by Integrating the Minority Stress and Psychological Mediation Frameworks: Findings from the TRAILS Study

Peers and Homophobic Attitudes in Adolescence: Examining Selection and Influence Processes in Friendships and Antipathies

Reward Responsiveness, Optimism, and Social and Mental Functioning in Children Aged 6-7: Protocol of a Cross-Sectional Pilot Study

Sexual orientation, peer relationships, and depressive symptoms: Findings from a sociometric design

De Genetica van Opvoeding

Causality and Pleiotropy in the Association Between Bullying Victimization in Adolescence and Depressive Episodes in Adulthood

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In de Wetenschap: College van Bestuur over besturen in tijden van corona

Open Science, preprints, ethical boards and fast research in “the COVID era”

Elf jaar oud en risico op een depressie

Naweeën van de pubertijd

Vandalisme kost de samenleving miljoenen

My mum loves my sister more than me

Sibling rivalry 'good for children'

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