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Nonresidential fatherhood and father-child relationships among Curaçaoan and Dutch adolescents and young adults

Bullying perpetration and social status in the peer group: A meta-analysis

Gene-Environment Interplay in the Development of Overweight

Genetic confounding in bullying research: Causal claims revisited

Parenting is genetically influenced: What does that mean for research into child and adolescent social development?

Polygenic risk for aggressive behavior from late childhood through early adulthood

“We Say ‘Mothers’ But Mean ‘Parents’”: Qualitative Perceptions and Experiences With Father Absence Among Curaçaoan, Curaçaoan-Dutch, and Dutch Young People

‘We zeggen “moeders” maar we bedoelen “ouders”’: Percepties en ervaringen met vaderafwezigheid onder Curaçaose, Curaçaos-Nederlandse en Nederlandse jongeren

Benefits of Bullying? A Test of the Evolutionary Hypothesis in Three Cohorts

Cohort Profile Update: The TRacking Adolescents' Individual Lives Survey-The Next Generation (TRAILS NEXT)

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Ep4b - Teaching and Learning Awards 2022

In de Wetenschap: Speciale podcast over vrouwen in de wetenschap

In de Wetenschap: Speciale podcast over vrouwen in de wetenschap

In de Wetenschap: College van Bestuur over besturen in tijden van corona

Open Science, preprints, ethical boards and fast research in “the COVID era”

Social skills begin to decline in late 30s and early 40s, study finds

Elf jaar oud en risico op een depressie

Naweeën van de pubertijd

Vandalisme kost de samenleving miljoenen

My mum loves my sister more than me

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