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Nederland en de (hervorming van de) Wereldhandelsorganisatie

Phase out tariffs, phase in trade?

Trade Blocs

Phase out tariffs, phase in trade?

Sticks and Stones: Sanction Threats, Impositions, and Their Effect on International Trade

The Belt and Road Initiative’s effect on supply-chain trade: evidence from structural gravity equations

Tinbergen en de Nobelprijzen voor internationale handel

Consequences of Brexit and options for a ‘Global Britain’

Supply-chain trade and labor market outcomes: The case of the 2004 European Union enlargement

Consequences of Brexit and Options for a "Global Britain"

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The EU 2004 enlargement: what are the effects on employment and value chains?

Onrust in wereldhandel groeit

Options for a 'Global Britain' after Brexit

Xi en Trump verkleinen handelstekort VS iets

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