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Best Practices and Advice for Using Pupillometry to Measure Listening Effort: An Introduction for Those Who Want to Get Started

Pupil Responses of Adults With Traumatic Brain Injury During Processing of Speech in Noise

The Application of Pupillometry in Hearing Science to Assess Listening Effort

The effect of reward on listening effort as reflected by the pupil dilation response

The Pupil Dilation Response to Auditory Stimuli: Current State of Knowledge

Toward a more comprehensive understanding of the impact of masker type and signal-to-noise ratio on the pupillary response while performing a speech-in-noise test

Effects of attention on the speech reception threshold and pupil response of people with impaired and normal hearing

A stimulus set of words and pictures matched for visual and semantic similarity

The pupil response reveals increased listening effort when it is difficult to focus attention

The influence of informational masking on speech perception and pupil response in adults with hearing impairment

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