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Will the Revolution be Podcast?: Marxism and the Culture of “Millennial Socialism” in the United States

Nothing But Flowers, or Glimpsing the Garden after the Machine

The Argument About Things in the 1980s: Goods and Garbage in an Age of Neoliberalism

Unique, like everywhere else: Review of Kiran Klaus Patel, The New Deal: A Global History

De reaaliteit onder ogen zien: De Verenigde Staten 1945-2017

Democracy, and Other Fictions: On the Politics of Marilynne Robinson’s Non-Fiction

Dionysian Men: Narrative Culture and the Gendered Crisis of Political Action in the post-9/11 Era

Matter Unmoored: Trash, Archaeological Consciousness and American Culture and Fiction in the 1980s

Michael W. Clune, American Literature and the Free Market, 1945-2000. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010

"A different kind of action in necessary": Action, Violence, and the Post-9/11 United States in Nicholson Baker's Checkpoint

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Wat betekent het voor Nederland als Trump wint?