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Research interests

PhD project:  A mechanistic understanding of the evolution of antibiotic resistance


Evolvability in the context of antibiotic resistance

A non-marine horseshoe crab from the Middle Triassic (Anisian) of the Netherlands

Capturing the facets of evolvability in a mechanistic framework

Microbiome heritability and its role in adaptation of hosts to novel resources

Phenotypic plasticity explains apparent reverse evolution of fat synthesis in parasitic wasps

Comment on the letter of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP) dated April 21, 2020 regarding "Fossils from conflict zones and reproducibility of fossil-based scientific data": The importance of private collections

Triassic Isopoda – three new species from Central Europe shed light on the early diversity of the group

Uniting community ecology and evolutionary rescue theory: Community-Wide Rescue leads to a rapid loss of rare species

Evolutionary rescue theory, antibiotic resistance and the details of bacterial infection

Non-arthropod invertebrates from the Middle Triassic of Winterswijk

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New fossil horse shoecrab from Winterswijk

Bodemdierendagen 2022 - De evolutie van de pissbed

Capturing the many facets of evolvability

Massavaccinatie remt juist de ontwikkeling van nieuwe virusvarianten | Opinie

A new way to fight antimicrobial resistance - WHO World Antimicrobial Awareness Week, 18-24 November

MARM - Modelling adaptive response mechanisms

RUG-onderzoeker jubelt over dode pissebed

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