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T.J.B. (Timo) van Eldijk, MSc

PhD student
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Evolvability concerns the ability of biological systems to undergo adaptive evolution. This concept is at the forefront of evolutionary biology and possibly represents one of the key components of an extended evolutionary synthesis. In my current PhD project I am studying several fundamental questions regarding evolvability and its evolution. How does the environment influence evolvability? How does horizontal gene transfer impact evolvability? How does evolvability evolve in fluctuating environments? Is evolvability evolvable? What mechanisms underlie evolvability? To study these questions, I use a combination of experimental evolution and modelling approaches. I use the evolution of antibiotic resistance as a model system. The evolution of antibiotic resistance represents one of the major public-health challenges of the 21st century. Therefore, my PhD project aims to answer fundamental questions about evolvability whilst also gaining new insights into the evolution of antibiotic resistance.

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