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How to find us ir. T.H.J.A. (Tom) Sleutels, Dr PhD


An acid‚Äźdoped ice membrane for selective proton transport

Donnan Dialysis for scaling mitigation during electrochemical ammonium recovery from complex wastewater

Electron Storage in Electroactive Biofilms

Improving the discharge of capacitive granules in a moving bed reactor

Making the best use of capacitive current: Comparison between fixed and moving granular bioanodes

Safeguarding the microbial water quality from source to tap

Combination of bioelectrochemical systems and electrochemical capacitors: Principles, analysis and opportunities

Competition of electrogens with methanogens for hydrogen in bioanodes

Considerations for application of granular activated carbon as capacitive bioanode in Bioelectrochemical Systems

Enhanced Phototrophic Biomass Productivity through Supply of Hydrogen Gas

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