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Ammonia recovery from anaerobic digester centrate using onsite pilot scale bipolar membrane electrodialysis coupled to membrane stripping

Application of ammonium fertilizers recovered by an Electrochemical System

Effects of Current on the Membrane and Boundary Layer Selectivity in Electrochemical Systems Designed for Nutrient Recovery

Methane-Dependent Extracellular Electron Transfer at the Bioanode by the Anaerobic Archaeal Methanotroph “Candidatus Methanoperedens”

Real-time monitoring of biofilm thickness allows for determination of acetate limitations in bio-anodes

Scaled-up multistage reverse electrodialysis pilot study with natural waters

The effect of intermittent anode potential regimes on the morphology and extracellular matrix composition of electro-active bacteria

An acid‚Äźdoped ice membrane for selective proton transport

Bio-electrochemical degradability of prospective wastewaters to determine their ammonium recovery potential

Donnan Dialysis for scaling mitigation during electrochemical ammonium recovery from complex wastewater

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