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Data-driven subphenotypic dissection of the clinical heterogeneity of schizophrenia spectrum disorders

Sociodemographic Factors Predicting Exclusive Breastfeeding in Ethiopia: Evidence from a Meta-analysis of Studies Conducted in the Past 10 Years

The Magnitude of Neonatal Mortality and Its Predictors in Ethiopia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

A systematic review and narrative synthesis of data-driven studies in schizophrenia symptoms and cognitive deficits

Association Between the Level of Reported Good Medication Adherence and the Geographic Location of a Patient's Residence and Presence of a Glucometer Among Adult Patients with Diabetes in Ethiopia: A Systematic and Meta-Analysis

Association of schizophrenia polygenic risk score with data-driven cognitive subtypes: A six-year longitudinal study in patients, siblings and controls

Breast and complementary feeding in Ethiopia: new national evidence from systematic review and meta-analyses of studies in the past 10 years: reply

Evidence on the effect of gender of new-born, antenatal care and postnatal care on breastfeeding practices in Ethiopia: a meta-analysis and meta-regression analysis of observational studies (vol 9, e023956, 2019)

Higher educational and economic status are key factors for the timely initiation of breastfeeding in Ethiopia: A review and meta-analysis

HIV/AIDS treatment failure and associated factors in Ethiopia: meta-analysis

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