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About us Practical matters How to find us T. (Tommaso) Caselli, PhD

Research interests

event extraction, temporal processing, storyline extraction, sentiment analysis, emotion detection


Benchmarking Offensive and Abusive Language in Dutch Tweets

CheckIT!: A Corpus of Expert Fact-checked Claims for Italian

Dynamic Stance: Modeling Discussions by Labeling the Interactions

Extracting and classifying exceptional COVID-19 measures from multilingual legal texts: The merits and limitations of automated approaches

HODI at EVALITA 2023: Overview of the first Shared Task on Homotransphobia Detection in Italian

Investigating interoperable event corpora: limitations of reusability of resources and portability of models

Overview of the CLEF-2023 CheckThat! Lab: Task 2 on Subjectivity in News Articles

Overview of the CLEF–2023 CheckThat! Lab on Checkworthiness, Subjectivity, Political Bias, Factuality, and Authority of News Articles and Their Source

PoliticIT at EVALITA 2023: Overview of the Political Ideology Detection in Italian Texts Task

SKAM at SemEval-2023 Task 10: Linguistic Feature Integration and Continuous Pretraining for Online Sexism Detection and Classification

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