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How to find us T. (Tommaso) Caselli, PhD

Research interests

event extraction, temporal processing, storyline extraction, sentiment analysis, emotion detection


A Multilingual Approach to Identify and Classify Exceptional Measures against COVID-19

DNT: un Corpus Diacronico e Multigenere di Testi in Lingua Inglese

Identifying communicative functions in discourse with content types

A Diachronic Italian Corpus based on “L’Unità”

DIACR-Ita @ EVALITA2020: Overview of the EVALITA2020 Diachronic Lexical Semantics (DIACR-Ita) Task

GruPaTo at SemEval-2020 Task 12: Retraining mBERT on Social Media and Fine-tuned Offensive Language Models

HaSpeeDe 2 @ EVALITA2020: Overview of the EVALITA 2020 Hate Speech Detection Task

HateBERT: Retraining BERT for Abusive Language Detection in English

I Feel Offended, Don’t Be Abusive!: Implicit/Explicit Messages in Offensive and Abusive Language

Lower Bias, Higher Density Abusive Language Datasets: A Recipe

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