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Early-life exposure to economic stress and metabolic risks in young adulthood: the children of the reunification in East Germany

Intergenerational Family Support and the Health and Well-Being of Older Adults in Sub-Saharan Africa: A systematic review

The progression of the tobacco epidemic in India on the national and regional level, 1998-2016

Income support programmes for the older adults in South Asia: a scoping review protocol

The Short-Term Effects of European Integration on Mortality Convergence: A Case Study of European Union’s 2004 Enlargement

Intergenerational resource sharing and mortality in a global perspective

Mortality convergence in the enlarged European Union: a systematic literature review

Spatial patterns in regional life expectancy trends in the European Union between 1990 and 2018

The fiscal impact of population ageing in Germany: an unequal challenge for different levels of government

Healthy Ageing: Challenges and Opportunities of Demographic and Societal Transitions

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How generosity makes humans live longer

Großzügige Umverteilung erhöht Lebenserwartung

Sea amable, vivirá más

It Pays to Be Kind. People Live Longer in Societies That Share More Across Generations

Generosity and longevity: New study reveals how the former trait increases lifespan

Deutschlandfunk Forschung Aktuell

Generosity can make us live longer

Generosity can make us live longer, new research shows. Now, that’s more important than ever

Do Walls Change How We Think?

Pension Reforms and Life Expectancy in Germany

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