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Ionization and Photofragmentation of Isolated Metalloporphyrin Cations Investigated by VUV Action Spectroscopy

Mn12-acetate complexes studied as single molecules

Multiple valence electron detachment following Auger decay of inner-shell vacancies in gas-phase DNA

Probing Structural Information of Gas-Phase Peptides by Near-Edge X-ray Absorption Mass Spectrometry

Roadmap on dynamics of molecules and clusters in the gas phase

Site-selective soft X-ray absorption as a tool to study protonation and electronic structure of gas-phase DNA

The electronic structure and deexcitation pathways of an isolated metalloporphyrin ion resolved by metal L-edge spectroscopy

The influence of the methionine residue on the dissociation mechanisms of photoionized methionine-enkephalin probed by VUV action spectroscopy

X-ray photoabsorption-induced processes within protonated rifamycin sodium salts in the gas phase

Atomic hydrogen interactions with small polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons cations

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