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An X-ray spectroscopy study of structural stability of superhydrogenated pyrene derivatives

Direct observation of charge, energy and H transfer between backbone and nucleobases in isolated DNA oligonucleotides

Intramolecular hydrogen transfer in DNA induced by site-selective resonant core excitation

Mn12-acetate complexes studied as single molecules

Soft-x-ray spectroscopy of coronene plus and (coronene plus H) plus cations: The influence of hydrogenation on electronic structure and photofragmentation

Stacked-ring ion guide for cooling and bunching rare isotopes

The NEXT Project: Towards Production and Investigation of Neutron-Rich Heavy Nuclides

The NEXT Step Towards Neutron-Rich Exotic Nuclides

What is NEXT?: A setup for the production and separation of neutron-rich nuclei

Ionization and Photofragmentation of Isolated Metalloporphyrin Cations Investigated by VUV Action Spectroscopy

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