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Introducing a Method to Quantify the Specificity of Training for Races in Speed Skating

A Systematic Review on Markers of Functional Overreaching in Endurance Athletes

Why Train Together When Racing Is Performed Alone?: Drafting in Long-Track Speed Skating

Increase in the Acute: Chronic Workload Ratio relates to Injury Risk in Competitive Runners

Injury Risk Is Increased by Changes in Perceived Recovery of Team Sport Players

Prediction of Running Injuries from Training Load: a Machine Learning Approach.

A Negative Life Event Impairs Psychosocial Stress, Recovery and Running Economy of Runners

Monitoring endurance athletes: A multidisciplinary approach

Monitoring Perceived Stress and Recovery in Relation to Cycling Performance in Female Athletes

A New Submaximal Rowing Test to Predict 2,000-m Rowing Ergometer Performance

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