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ALMA reveals a compact and massive molecular outflow driven by the young AGN in a nearby ULIRG

Dark matter measurements combining stellar and H I kinematics: 30 per cent 1σ outliers with low dark matter content at 5Re

LOFAR discovery and wide-band characterisation of an ultra-steep spectrum AGN radio remnant associated with Abell 1318

A fast radio burst with submillisecond quasi-periodic structure

An interference detection strategy for Apertif based on AOFlagger 3

Apertif 1.4 GHz continuum observations of the Boötes field and their combined view with LOFAR

Closing the feedback-feeding loop of the radio galaxy 3C 84

Cold gas in the heart of Perseus A

Deep Herschel observations of the 2 Jy sample: Assessing the non-thermal and AGN contributions to the far-IR continuum

Precise physical conditions for the warm gas outflows in the nearby active galaxy IC 5063

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