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A tight angular-momentum plane for disc galaxies

The baryonic specific angular momentum of disc galaxies

A bright, high rotation-measure FRB that skewers the M33 halo

ALFALFA Harvest: 3D Modeling of HI-Rich Candidate Local Group Dwarf Galaxies

ALFALFA Harvest: HI Imaging of Candidate Local Group Dwarf Galaxies

Crepuscular Rays from the Highly Inclined Active Galactic Nucleus in IC 5063

Disc galaxy resolved in HI absorption against the radio lobe of 3C 433: Case study for future surveys

Extreme intra-hour variability of the radio source J1402+5347 discovered with Apertif

LOFAR view of NGC 3998, a sputtering AGN

Mapping the dark matter halo of early-type galaxy NGC 2974 through orbit-based models with combined stellar and cold gas kinematics

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