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Two recent p-adic approaches towards the (effective) Mordell conjecture

Explicit quadratic Chabauty over number fields

Explicit Chabauty--Kim for the Split Cartan Modular Curve of Level 13

Explicit Arithmetic Intersection Theory And Computation Of Neron-Tate Heights

Archimedean local height differences on elliptic curves

Computing torsion subgroups of Jacobians of hyperelliptic curves of genus 3

Linear and quadratic Chabauty for affine hyperbolic curves

Rational points on $X^+_0(125)$

p-adic adelic metrics and Quadratic Chabauty I

Quadratic Chabauty for modular curves: Algorithms and examples

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De zeven oplossingen van de vervloekte kromme

Mathematicians crack the cursed curve