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How to find us dr. S. (Sebo) Withoff


Darm-op-een-Chip & Genetische Diversiteit

Deconvolution of bulk blood eQTL effects into immune cell subpopulations

Molecular Biomarkers for Celiac Disease: Past, Present and Future

Non-classical clinical presentation at diagnosis by male celiac disease patients of older age

Tissue alarmins and adaptive cytokine induce dynamic and distinct transcriptional responses in tissue-resident intraepithelial cytotoxic T lymphocytes

A Genome-Wide Functional Genomics Approach Identifies Susceptibility Pathways to Fungal Bloodstream Infection in Humans

Celiac disease-on-chip: Modeling a multifactorial disease in vitro

Integration of similar to 10,000 metabolite features with genotype data and immune phenotypes reveals genetic determinants and common regulatory modules

Intestinal Barrier Function in Gluten-Related Disorders

Leukocyte-Released Mediators in Response to Both Bacterial and Fungal Infections Trigger IFN Pathways, Independent of IL-1 and TNF-alpha, in Endothelial Cells

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Glutenintolerantie onderzoeken met minidarmpjes

Darmen op een chip

Iris Jonkers and Sebo Withoff

Grootse plannen met piepkleine organen.

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