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Cholinergic Denervation Patterns Across Cognitive Domains in Parkinson's Disease

Gender Differences in Cognitive Functioning in de novo Parkinson’s Disease Patients

Identifying de novo Parkinson's disease with optical coherence tomography of the retina: A machine learning classification approach

Study protocol of the DUtch PARkinson Cohort (DUPARC): a prospective, observational study of de novo Parkinson's disease patients for the identification and validation of biomarkers for Parkinson's disease subtypes, progression and pathophysiology

Topography of Cholinergic Changes in Dementia With Lewy Bodies and Key Neural Network Hubs

[18F]Fluoroethoxybenzovesamicol in Parkinson's disease patients: Quantification of a novel cholinergic positron emission tomography tracer

Monoaminergic Markers Across the Cognitive Spectrum of Lewy Body Disease

Monoaminergic biomarkers of cognitive decline in Parkinson's disease and Lewy body dementia

DUPARC Dutch Parkinson and Cognition Study

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