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Practical matters How to find us dr. S. (Sandra) Tillema

dr. S. (Sandra) Tillema

Associate Professor

Sandra Tillema studied Economics (specialisation Business Economics) at the University of Groningen. Since 1996, she has been an academic staff member of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen. She is now academic director of Career Services and Corporate Relations. Her research focuses on management control issues. In the past, Sandra Tillema worked on topics, such as variation in the sophistication of accounting information, the use of performance information in the public sector (more specifically, information from benchmarking and performance auditing exercises), and the control of public sector partnerships. Nowadays, Sandra Tillema is involved in multiple research projects. One project is focused on the role of management accountants. One of the questions is how the role identity of the management accountants working for a particular bank influences the bank's risk management practices. Another question is how personality traits of management accountants influence the extent to which they engage in job crafting. Another project is concerned with a firm which is undergoing a disruptive strategic change. The research question is how control elements support the construction of local knowledge during this transformation. More recently, Sandra developed an interest in misconduct in the banking sector (more specifically, money laundering scandals), and in the implications of internationalisation for audit teams. Her publications are listed under the button ‘Research’. As a teacher, Sandra Tillema is involved in courses in both management accounting and finance.

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