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How to find us S.R. (Silke) Bonsing-Vedelaar, Bsc


Measuring glycolytic flux in single yeast cells with an orthogonal synthetic biosensor

Assessment of the interaction between the flux-signaling metabolite fructose-1,6-bisphosphate and the bacterial transcription factors CggR and Cra

The degradation of nucleotide triphosphates extracted under boiling ethanol conditions is prevented by the yeast cellular matrix

Bacterial persistence is an active σS stress response to metabolic flux limitation

The quantitative and condition-dependent Escherichia coli proteome

Imaging the distribution of an antibody-drug conjugate constituent targeting mesothelin with Zr-89 and IRDye 800CW in mice bearing human pancreatic tumor xenografts

Placental Growth Factor (PlGF)-Specific Uptake in Tumor Microenvironment of Zr-89-Labeled PlGF Antibody RO5323441

Lapatinib and 17AAG Reduce Zr-89-Trastuzumab-F(ab')(2) Uptake in SKBR3 Tumor Xenografts

PET with the Zr-89-Labeled Transforming Growth Factor-beta Antibody Fresolimumab in Tumor Models

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