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A Recurrent Neural-Network-Based Real-Time Dynamic Model for Soft Continuum Manipulators

Acoustically-actuated bubble-powered rotational micro-propellers

Curvature, twist and pose measurements using fiber Bragg gratings in multi-core fiber: A comparative study between helical and straight core fibers

Haptic Teleoperation of Flexible Needles Combining 3D Ultrasound Guidance and Needle Tip Force Feedback

Impact of Segmented Magnetization on the Flagellar Propulsion of Sperm-Templated Microrobots

Multi-Point Orientation Control of Discretely-Magnetized Continuum Manipulators

Real-Time Multi-Modal Sensing and Feedback for Catheterization in Porcine Tissue

RobUSt-An Autonomous Robotic Ultrasound System for Medical Imaging

Surgical Applications of Compliant Mechanisms: A Review

A Monolithic Compliant Continuum Manipulator: A Proof-of-Concept Study

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Safe and Precise Surgical Catheter Guiding by Robots

Veilige en nauwkeurige sturing van chirurgische katheters door robots

Veilige en nauwkeurige sturing van chirurgische katheters door robots

Robotic platform offers safe and precise steering of surgical catheters

Safe and precise surgical catheter guiding by robots

Kun je met nanorobots mensen opereren?

Magnetische aandrijving moet robotchirurgie verbeteren

ERC-beurs voor het bevorderen van robotchirurgie met een nieuw magnetisch systeem

ERC grant to advance robotic surgery with novel magnetic system

Een kleine robotdokter in ons lichaam

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