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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. S.N. (Steve) Mason

prof. dr. S.N. (Steve) Mason

Em. Distinguished Professor of Ancient Mediterranean Religions and Cultures

  • Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Origins (M.A.) -- formative Judaism
  • War, Politics, and Religion in Roman Judaea (B.A., Honours College)
  • Tolerating Diversity in Europe: Christians, Jews, and Muslims (B.A., University College Groningen)
  • Hebrew Bible and Ancient Judaism (B.A.) -- Ancient Judaism
  • Bijbelse Figuren (B.A.) -- sections on Philo of Alexandria and Josephus
  • Theories of Religion (M.A.) -- Religion and the Challenge of History
  • Qumran and Nag Hammadi (B.A.) -- Qumran
  • Heterodoxe Stromingen (B.A.) -- Jewish currents
  • Methodology Clinics (M.A.) -- Historical Method
  • new in 2017-18 for Honours College (B.A.):
    • Politics, Religion, and Conflict: Jews and Christians in the Roman Empire
  • new in 2017-18 for Religion and Pluralism M.A. track:
    • Jews, Christians, and Others: Pluralism and Politics in the Graeco-Roman World
    • Historical Research Methods
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