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Assessing the prognostic value of tumor-infiltrating CD57+ cells in advanced stage head and neck cancer using QuPath digital image analysis

Association of histological features with laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma recurrences: a population-based study of 1502 patients in the Netherlands

Clear Cell Neoplasms of Salivary Glands: A Diagnostic Challenge

Correlation and colocalization of HIF-1╬▒ and pimonidazole staining for hypoxia in laryngeal squamous cell carcinomas: A digital, single-cell-based analysis

Detection of NTRK Fusions and TRK Expression and Performance of pan-TRK Immunohistochemistry in Routine Diagnostics: Results from a Nationwide Community-Based Cohort

Excessive toxicity of cabozantinib in a phase II study in patients with recurrent and/or metastatic salivary gland cancer

Fewer head and neck cancer diagnoses and faster treatment initiation during COVID-19 in 2020: A nationwide population-based analysis

Prevalence of KRAS p.(G12C) in stage IV NSCLC patients in the Netherlands: a nation-wide retrospective cohort study

Prognostic Value of Stromal Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes in Young, Node-Negative, Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Patients Who Did Not Receive (neo)Adjuvant Systemic Therapy

Response to "Head and neck cancer diagnoses and faster treatment initiation during COVID-19: Correspondence"

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