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The quadrature method: A novel dipole localisation algorithm for artificial lateral lines compared to state of the art

Biophysics of the Lateral Line and Applications

Shape Classification Using Hydrodynamic Detection via a Sparse Large-Scale 2D-Sensitive Artificial Lateral Line

Three-dimensional multi-source localization of underwater objects using convolutional neural networks for artificial lateral lines

Hydrodynamic Imaging using an all-optical 2D Artiļ¬cial Lateral Line

Recurrent neural networks for hydrodynamic imaging using a 2D-sensitive artificial lateral line

Training submerged source detection for a 2D fluid flow sensor array with Extreme Learning Machines

Bio-inspired all-optical artificial neuromast for 2D flow sensing

Performance of Neural Networks in Source Localization using Artificial Lateral Line Sensor Configurations

Sensor element and method for measuring of near-field, large-scale hydrodynamic characteristics

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