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Self-consciousness and binge eating in college women: an escape from rumination?

Family experiences after parental cancer

Adolescents' emotional reactions to parental cancer: effect on emotional and behavioral problems

The Breast Size Satisfaction Survey (BSSS): Breast size dissatisfaction and its antecedents and outcomes in women from 40 nations

Effects on patient-reported outcomes of "Screening of Distress and Referral Need" implemented in Dutch oncology practice

Cancer patients' experiences with and opinions on the process 'Screening of Distress and Referral Need' (SDRN) in clinical practice: A quantitative observational clinical study

Feasibility of implementing the 'Screening for Distress and Referral Need' process in 23 Dutch hospitals

Management of fatigue in patients with cancer: a practical overview

Burnout and engagement among resident doctors in the Netherlands: a national study

Stress response symptoms in adolescents during the first year after a parent's cancer diagnosis

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