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The emergence and evolution of Neolithic cattle farming in southeastern Europe: New zooarchaeological and stable isotope data from Džuljunica-Smărdeš, in northeastern Bulgaria (ca. 6200–5500 cal. BCE)

Timing and Pace of Neolithisation in the Dutch Wetlands (c. 5000–3500 cal. BC)

Herding and hunting in the highlands from the Sasanian to late medieval periods: The archaeozoology of the Dariali Gorge

Specialized cattle farming in the Neolithic Rhine-Meuse Delta: Results from zooarchaeological and stable isotope (δ18O, δ13C, δ15N) analyses

Zooarchaeological Studies

Birlikte Yemek: Erken Neolitik Ulucak Höyük’te Bir Grup Ocakta Bulunan Hayvan Kalıntıları

Investigating the significance of cattle dairying in the Dutch Neolithic: results from zooarchaeological and stable isotope (δ18O, δ13C, and δ15N) analyses

Zooarchaeology of the Pre-Pottery and Pottery Neolithic site of Qasr-e Ahmad (Iran)

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