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Neighborhood socioeconomic differences in BMI: The role of fast-food outlets and physical activity facilities

The role of low educational attainment on the pathway from adolescent internalizing and externalizing problems to early adult labour market disconnection in the Dutch TRAILS cohort

Associations of within-individual changes in working conditions, health behaviour and BMI with work ability and self-rated health: a fixed effects analysis among Dutch workers

De ontwikkeling van het metaboolsyndroom onder oudere werknemers: beroepsverschillen en de rol van gezondheidsgedrag

Development and validation of a prediction model for unemployment and work disability among 55 950 Dutch workers

Do chronic diseases moderate the association between psychosocial working conditions and work exit? Longitudinal results from 55 950 Dutch workers

Do influence at work and possibilities for development mitigate the impact of job demands for workers with and without depression

Geriatric Syndromes and Incident Chronic Health Conditions Among 9094 Older Community-Dwellers: Findings From the Lifelines Cohort Study

Mediators of the association between educational attainment and type 2 diabetes mellitus: a two-step multivariable Mendelian randomisation study

Multimorbidity and exit from paid employment: the effect of specific combinations of chronic health conditions

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