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Amino Acid Homeostasis and Fatigue in Chronic Hemodialysis Patients

Association between oxidized nucleobases and mitochondrial DNA damage with long-term mortality in patients with sepsis

Association of Cardiometabolic Disease With Cancer in the Community

Association of diuretic use with increased risk for long-term post-transplantation diabetes mellitus in kidney transplant recipients

Association of Endogenous Erythropoietin Levels and Iron Status With Cognitive Functioning in the General Population

Associations of 24 h urinary excretions of alpha- and gamma-carboxyethyl hydroxychroman with plasma alpha- and gamma-tocopherol and dietary vitamin E intake in older adults: the Lifelines-MINUTHE Study

Boron Intake and decreased risk of mortality in kidney transplant recipients

Branched Chain Amino Acids are associated with Metabolic Complications in Liver Transplant Recipients

Decreased haemoglobin levels are associated with lower muscle mass and strength in kidney transplant recipients

Differential and shared genetic effects on kidney function between diabetic and non-diabetic individuals

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