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A prospective study of the association between plasma calprotectin levels and new-onset chronic kidney disease in the general population

Associations of relative fat mass and BMI with all-cause mortality: Confounding effect of muscle mass

Caloric restriction reduces proteinuria in male rats with established nephropathy

Central Body Fat Distribution and Kidney Function after Living Kidney Donation

Comparison of 2 Immunosuppression Minimization Strategies in Kidney Transplantation: The ALLEGRO Trial

Effect of high in comparison to low dairy intake intervention on markers of bone and cartilage remodeling and phosphate metabolism in healthy adults with overweight

GC-MS analysis of 4-hydroxyproline: elevated proline hydroxylation in metformin-associated lactic acidosis and metformin-treated Becker muscular dystrophy patients

High-abundance peaks and peak clusters associate with pharmaceutical polymers and excipients in urinary untargeted clinical metabolomics data: exploration of their origin and possible impact on label-free quantification

High-Density Lipoprotein Particles and Torque Teno Virus in Stable Outpatient Kidney Transplant Recipients

Iron deficiency, anemia, and patient-reported outcomes in kidney transplant recipients

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Bakkerijsector doet onderzoek naar vermindering zout in brood

Wetenschapsdag 2023

Minder vitamine D slikken nu de zon vaker schijnt? Dít zegt de expert

Save the date: Wetenschapsdag

Minder vitamine D slikken nu de zon vaker schijnt? Dít zegt de expert

PhD defense: Favorable influence of potassium in chronic kidney damage

Patiënten functioneren na niertransplantatie goed op hun werk

Na niertransplantatie functioneren patiënten goed op hun werk

Bakkers willen zout in brood gezonder maken

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