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Research interests

My research aims to harness genomics and the characterization of evolutionary processes to better understand the ecology of RNA viruses across scales, from within- to between hosts, from small transmission chains to epidemics, and from deep to recent evolutionary processes.

To explore these questions, I use an integrated combination of “wet” (controlled experiments, fieldwork, high-throughput sequencing) and “dry” (bioinformatics, phylodynamics, modeling, and simulations) approaches.


Endogenous viral elements in shrew genomes provide insights into Pestivirus ancient history

Measles virus and rinderpest virus divergence dated to the sixth century BCE

A tale of caution: How endogenous viral elements affect virus discovery in transcriptomic data

Chikungunya intra-vector dynamics in Aedes albopictus from Lyon (France) upon exposure to a human viremia-like dose range reveals vector barrier’s permissiveness and supports local epidemic potential

Highly divergent CRESS DNA and picorna-like viruses associated with bleached thalli of the green seaweed Ulva

Phylogeographic analysis of dengue virus serotype 1 and cosmopolitan serotype 2 in Africa

The sociality continuum of viruses: A commentary on Leeks et al. 2023

Aquatic flaviviruses

Archival influenza virus genomes from Europe reveal genomic variability during the 1918 pandemic

First report of Pepo aphid-borne yellows virus infecting watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) in Uganda

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Virologen over de toekomst van het coronavirus: ‘Het is niet gezegd dat dit virus milder wordt'

Hoe de coronapandemie zich nu verder ontwikkelt

Omikron is minder ziekmakend, een volgende variant hoeft dat niet te zijn

Hepatitis B-geschiedenis gereconstrueerd

Modelleur van de volgende uitbraak


Ik en mijn mondkapje - Welke werkt het beste?

Mutaties in coronavirus geen reden tot extra zorgen

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