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Recent African strains of Zika virus display higher transmissibility and fetal pathogenicity than Asian strains

Een verhelderende kijk in het duistere verleden

Epidemiological hypothesis testing using a phylogeographic and phylodynamic framework

Experimental adaptation of dengue virus 1 to Aedes albopictus mosquitoes by in vivo selection

Genomic epidemiology of 2015-2016 Zika virus outbreak in Cape Verde

Wolbachia modulates prevalence and viral load of Culex pipiens densoviruses in natural populations

Measles virus and rinderpest virus divergence dated to the sixth century BCE

Modeling intra-mosquito dynamics of Zika virus and its dose-dependence confirms the low epidemic potential of Aedes albopictus

Non-retroviral endogenous viral element limits cognate virus replication in Aedes aegypti ovaries

nosoi: A stochastic agent-based transmission chain simulation framework in R

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Modelleur van de volgende uitbraak

Ik en mijn mondkapje - Welke werkt het beste?

Mutaties in coronavirus geen reden tot extra zorgen

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