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The degree of stability in motor performance in preschool children and its association with child-related variables

Intelligence and Developmental Scales 2 (IDS-2)

Task-Specific and Latent Relationships Between Motor Skills and Executive Functions in Preschool Children

Age-related validity and reliability of the Dutch Little Developmental Coordination Disorder Questionnaire (LDCDQ-NL)

Identifying patterns of motor performance, executive functioning, and verbal ability in preschool children: A latent profile analysis

Developmental Coordination Disorder: What is (un)known? A study about awareness and knowledge among health care professionals, teachers, and parents

MELLE Project: Early development of motor, executive, and language functioning in 3- to 5-year old children with and without developmental risk (poster)

Motor activation in people with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities in daily practice

Motor skills and executive functioning in preschoolers with and without risk for motor coordination problems

Skill-related physical fitness versus aerobic fitness as a predictor of executive functioning in children with intellectual disabilities or borderline intellectual functioning

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