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Public spaces as knowledgescapes: Understanding the relationship between the built environment and creative encounters at Dutch university campuses and science parks

The Relationship between the Spatial Configuration and the Fourth Sustainable Dimension Creativity in University Campuses: The Case Study of Zernike Campus, Groningen, The Netherlands

Using the concept of activity space to understand the social health of older adults living with memory problems and dementia at home

Geoparks and territorial identity: A study of the spatial affinity of inhabitants with UNESCO Geopark De Hondsrug, The Netherlands

Ontwerpen met en in Virtual Reality

Space syntax and volunteered geographic information for university campus planning and design: Evidence from the Netherlands, Zernike Campus Groningen

E-bike mobiliteit in de regio: Gebruik en potentie van de e-bike op het platteland van Groningen

Exploring the Adoption of E-Bikes by Different User Groups

Participatory research on improving active transportation: Using an online map-based questionnaire

Places from the past lost in new towns: Places from the past lost in new towns

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Fietsenchaos? Niet ons probleem

Digital Skills for everybody

A glimpse into virtual reality

'Leg fietssnelwegen aan om op snelle e-bike naar werk te fietsen'

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