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The water, energy, and land footprint of tilapia aquaculture in Mexico, a comparison of the footprints of fish and meat

Unreflective use of old data sources produced echo chambers in the water-electricity nexus

Burning water, overview of the contribution of arjen hoekstra to the water energy nexus

The Dynamics of the Water-Electricity Nexus: How water availability affects electricity generation and its water consumption

The monthly dynamics of blue water footprints and electricity generation of four types of hydropower plants in Ecuador

The water footprint of electricity in Ecuador: Technology and fuel variation indicate pathways towards water-efficient electricity mixes

Water-electricity nexus in Ecuador: The dynamics of the electricity's blue water footprint

Assessment of the Energy Gain of Photovoltaic Systems by Using Solar Tracking in Equatorial Regions

An integrative approach to the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technologies inside a Water-Energy Nexus Framework

Ecuador: Estrategias y políticas públicas en energía

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