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Research interests

Language Processing, Evidentiality, Past Tense, Turkish, Bilingualism, Heritage Languages, Second Language Learning, ERPs, EEG, Electrophysiological processing, Aphasia


An investigation of heritage language speakers of Turkish: evidentiality processing and the effects of language experience

Insights into the time course of evidentiality processing in Turkish heritage speakers using a self-paced reading task

The adaptation process of the Comprehensive Aphasia Test into CAT-Turkish: psycholinguistic and clinical considerations

A study of associations between Cognition and Language: What can Cognitive Screening Section of the Comprehensive Aphasia Test (CAT) provide?

Processing of Turkish evidential markers: Evidence from ERP studies

Processing of evidentiality in Turkish: An ERP study

The Assessment of Cognitive Skills of Individuals With and Without Aphasia Using Adaptation of Cognitive Screening Part of The Comprehensive Aphasia Test

Turkish Adaptation of CAT: The Cognitive Screen Data of Individuals with &without Aphasia

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