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A Fast Alpha-tree Algorithm for Extreme Dynamic Range Pixel Dissimilarities

Diagnosing the interstellar medium of galaxies with far-infrared emission lines: II. [C II], [O I], [O III], [N II], and [N III] up to z = 6

Fountain-driven gas accretion feeding star formation over the disc of NGC 2403

NGC 1436: the making of a lenticular galaxy in the Fornax Cluster

Stabilizing and Simplifying Sharpened Dimensionality Reduction Using Deep Learning

Stellar metallicity from optical and UV spectral indices: Test case for WEAVE-StePS

The MeerKAT Fornax Survey: I. Survey description and first evidence of ram pressure in the Fornax galaxy cluster

Calibration at elevation of the WEAVE fibre positioner

Forecasting the success of the WEAVE Wide-Field Cluster Survey on the extraction of the cosmic web filaments around galaxy clusters

Modelling simple stellar populations in the near-ultraviolet to near-infrared with the X-shooter Spectral Library (XSL)

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