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Diagnosing the interstellar medium of galaxies with far-infrared emission lines I. The [C II] 158 microns line at z~0

Fiber links for the WEAVE instrument: The making of

Final assembly, metrology, and testing of the WEAVE fibre positioner

Integration and early testing of WEAVE: the next-generation spectroscopy facility for the William Herschel Telescope

New prime focus rotator system for the WHT

The X-shooter Spectral Library (XSL): Data release 2

A Fast, Memory-Efficient Alpha-Tree Algorithm using Flooding and Tree Size Estimation

A few StePS forward in unveiling the complexity of galaxy evolution: light-weighted stellar ages of intermediate-redshift galaxies with WEAVE

Efficient Tree Construction for Hierarchical Representation of Astronomical Images

Neutral hydrogen gas within and around NGC 1316

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WEAVE se prepara para su puesta en marcha en el Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos

El Roque de los Muchachos liderará una nueva era de observación del universo

El INAOE participa en la colaboración WEAVE

El INAOE participa en la colaboración WEAVE

Geweven spectrometer klaar voor Herschel-telescoop | KIJK Magazine

WEAVE Gets Primed For On-Sky Commissioning

UK-led robotic sky-scanner takes its place on telescope

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