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Par1b induces asymmetric inheritance of plasma membrane domains via LGN-dependent mitotic spindle orientation in proliferating hepatocytes

A Link between Intrahepatic Cholestasis and Genetic Variations in Intracellular Trafficking Regulators

Pharmacological and Parenteral Nutrition-Based Interventions in Microvillus Inclusion Disease

A Molecular Mechanism Underlying Genotype-Specific Intrahepatic Cholestasis Resulting From MYO5B Mutations

Letter to the editor - Liver cell models for premature termination codon readthrough analyses

Mechanisms behind the polarized distribution of lipids in epithelial cells

Unequal Effects of Myosin 5B Mutations in Liver and Intestine Determine the Clinical Presentation of Low-Gamma-Glutamyltransferase Cholestasis

Human VPS13A is associated with multiple organelles and influences mitochondrial morphology and lipid droplet motility

Loss of MYO5B expression deregulates late endosome size which hinders mitotic spindle orientation

Pluripotent stem cell-derived bile canaliculi-forming hepatocytes to study genetic liver diseases involving hepatocyte polarity

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PLoS BIOLOGY article

A leaky gut in Parkison's disease