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From exports to value added to income: Accounting for bilateral income transfers

Robots do not get coronavirus: The COVID-19 pandemic and the international division of labor

Who’s afraid of Virginia Wu? US employment footprints and self-sufficiency

An Introduction to Geographical and Urban Economics: A Spiky World

Firm heterogeneity and exports in the Netherlands: Identifying export potential beyond firm productivity

The turn from just-in-time to just-in-case globalization in and after times of COVID-19 an essay on the risk re-appraisal of borders and buffers

Heterogeneous country responses to the Great Recession: the role of supply chains

Labour markets, trade and technological progress. A meta-study

The New Silk Roads: an introduction to China's Belt and Road Initiative

Tinbergen en de Nobelprijzen voor internationale handel

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Door de Coronacrisis zullen we leren dat veerkracht belangrijker is dan groei

Topeconomen van de RUG bespreken gevolgen van coronacrisis

Options for a 'Global Britain' after Brexit