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A novel semi auto-segmentation method for accurate dose and NTCP evaluation in adaptive head and neck radiotherapy

Assessment of a diaphragm override strategy for robustly optimized proton therapy planning for esophageal cancer patients

Can the mean linear energy transfer of organs be directly related to patient toxicities for current head and neck cancer intensity-modulated proton therapy practice?

Comparative Analysis of 5-Year Clinical Outcomes and Patterns of Failure of Proton Beam Therapy Versus Intensity Modulated Radiation therapy for Prostate Cancer in the Postoperative Setting

Development of advanced preselection tools to reduce redundant plan comparisons in model-based selection of head and neck cancer patients for proton therapy

Diaphragm Based Position Verification to Improve Daily Target Dose Coverage in Proton and Photon Radiotherapy Treatment of Distal Esophageal Cancer

Head and neck IMPT probabilistic dose accumulation: Feasibility of a 2 mm setup uncertainty setting

Inter-fraction motion robustness and organ sparing potential of proton therapy for cervical cancer

Optimizing calibration settings for accurate water equivalent path length assessment using flat panel proton radiography

Quality of life and toxicity guided treatment plan optimisation for head and neck cancer

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