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Inter-fraction motion robustness and organ sparing potential of proton therapy for cervical cancer

Roadmap: proton therapy physics and biology

Technical Note: First report on an in vivo range probing quality control procedure for scanned proton beam therapy in head and neck cancer patients

Towards the clinical implementation of intensity-modulated proton therapy for thoracic indications with moderate motion: robust optimised plan evaluation by means of patient and machine specific information

Analysis of the applicability of two-dimensional detector arrays in terms of sampling rate and detector size to verify scanned intensity-modulated proton therapy plans

Assessment of manual adjustment performed in clinical practice following deep learning contouring for head and neck organs at risk in radiotherapy

Assessment of range uncertainty in lung-like tissue using a porcine lung phantom and proton radiography

Can we use the same planning strategies for diaphragm motion in IMPT as we use in VMAT?

Classification of various sources of error in range assessment using proton radiography and neural networks in head and neck cancer patients

Comparison of CBCT based synthetic CT methods for adaptive proton therapy

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