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The Many Ways of Addressing Societal Impact Evaluations in Dutch Universities

From Project to Customized Service: Research Support at the University of Groningen Library

Phase transformation and fracture load of stock and CAD/CAM-customized zirconia abutments after 1 year of clinical function

Unidirectional rotary motion in a metal-organic framework

Metal-Catalyzed Photooxidation of Flavones in Aqueous Media

Catalysis in complex media: Analytical approaches and mechanisms in manganese catalysed oxidations

Mechanistic Links in the in-situ Formation of Dinuclear Manganese Catalysts, H2O2 Disproportionation, and Alkene Oxidation

Redox-State Dependent Ligand Exchange in Manganese-Based Oxidation Catalysis

The role of carboxylato ligand dissociation in the oxidation of chrysin with H2O2 catalysed by [Mn-2 (III, IV)(mu-CH3COO)(mu-O)(2)(Me(4)dtne)](PF6)(2)

Off-line reaction monitoring of the oxidation of alkenes in water using drop coating deposition Raman (DCDR) spectroscopy

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