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S.A. (Steven) Jones, Dr

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Ion trapping, laser spectroscopy, antihydrogen.

I am searching for subtle differences between matter and antimatter, to explain why our universe seems to only consist of matter. At CERN, I participate in the ALPHA antihydrogen collaboration, where we synthesise, trap, and laser cool antihydrogen. We then perform precision laser and microwave spectroscopy to measure it's energy levels, or simply drop it to measure it's gravitational interaction with the Earth.

At VSI, I am setting up an experiment to make (regular) hydrogen based on photodissociation of the BaH+ molecular ion. Such a source would be compatible with ALPHA, and would enable a direct comparison between hydrogen and antihydrogen (i.e. both species in the same trap, at the same time, seeing the same laser). Such a measurement would be insensitive to systematic shifts, and should result in a relative comparison between hydrogen and antihydrogen that is more accurate than hydrogen can be measured alone.

If you are interested in doing an experimental or computational bachelors/masters project on ion trapping, laser cooling, or molecular photodissociation, please contact me.
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