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How to find us dr. S.A. (Stephen) Adaawen

Research interests

Migration, Population Dynamics, Development, Environmental/Climate Change, Agriculture and Rurall Development


Migration as Adaptation: Some Considerations Based on a Literature Review

Understanding Climate Change and Drought Perceptions, Impact and Responses in the Rural Savannah, West Africa

Climate Change Impacts on Human (Im-) Mobility in Sub-Saharan Africa: Recent Trends and Options for Policy Responses

Drought, Migration and Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa: What are the Links and Policy Options?

Human Mobility in the Context of Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa: Trends and Basic Recommendations for Development Cooperation

Linkages between climate change and sexual and reproductive health & rights: a demographic perspective

Strengthening Farmers’ Market Position and Identification of New Market Options in the Diocese of Ekiti, Nigeria.

Challenges to Intra-Regional Migration and Economic Integration in West Africa: A Focus on Ghana and Nigeria

The EU’s Response to the Refugee Crisis: More Support for ECOWAS Migration Management

Narratives of Migration - Complex Answers of a Society in Transformation, Ghana.

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The challenges of “drought migration”

EU must rethink its approach to migration

EU should adopt more flexible visa regimes with Africa

Climate change is a future mechanism for migration and displacement

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