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A symmetry-preserving second-order time-accurate PISO-based method

Bi-directional locomotion of a magnetically-actuated jellyfish-inspired soft robot

Finite-Volume Filtering in Large-Eddy Simulations Using a Minimum-Dissipation Model

Mixed modeling for large-eddy simulation: The single-layer and two-layer minimum-dissipation-Bardina models

Intrusive polynomial chaos for CFD using OpenFOAM

Low-Dissipation Simulation Methods and Models for Turbulent Subsonic Flow

Mixed modeling for large-eddy simulation: The minimum-dissipation-bardina-model

Numerical simulation with low artificial dissipation of transitional flow over a delta wing

Nonlinear subgrid-scale models for large-eddy simulation of rotating turbulent flows

A discrete scale-truncation model for LES

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