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Gold-Aluminyl and Gold-Diarylboryl Complexes: Bonding and Reactivity with Carbon Dioxide

Homolytic X-H Bond Cleavage at a Gold(III) Hydroxide: Insights into One-Electron Events at Gold

How reduced are nucleophilic gold complexes?

Length-dependent symmetry in narrow chevronlike graphene nanoribbons

Modelling structural properties of cyanine dye nanotubes at coarse-grained level

Strategies for Enhancing the Dielectric Constant of Organic Materials

Toward Detection of the Molecular Parity Violation in Chiral Ru(acac)3and Os(acac)3

Comparing GIPAW with numerically exact chemical shieldings: The role of two-center contributions to the induced current

Efficient Computation of Geometries for Gold Complexes

Fullerene derivatives with oligoethylene-glycol side chains: An investigation on the origin of their outstanding transport properties

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