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How reduced are nucleophilic gold complexes?

Spark Discharge Doping—Achieving Unprecedented Control over Aggregate Fraction and Backbone Ordering in Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Solutions

Spectroscopic Manifestations and Implications for Catalysis of Quasi-d10 Configurations in Formal Gold(III) Complexes.

The Halogen Bond in Weakly Bonded Complexes and the Consequences for Aromaticity and Spin-Orbit Coupling

[Fe4S4] cubane in sulfite reductases: New insights into bonding properties and reactivity

Gold-Aluminyl and Gold-Diarylboryl Complexes: Bonding and Reactivity with Carbon Dioxide

Homolytic X-H Bond Cleavage at a Gold(III) Hydroxide: Insights into One-Electron Events at Gold

Length-dependent symmetry in narrow chevronlike graphene nanoribbons

Modelling structural properties of cyanine dye nanotubes at coarse-grained level

Neutral Formazan Ligands Bound to the fac-(CO)3Re(I) Fragment: Structural, Spectroscopic, and Computational Studies

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