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Occipital hypometabolism is a risk factor for conversion to Parkinson’s disease in isolated REM sleep behaviour disorder

Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder: Abnormal Cardiac Image and Progressive Abnormal Metabolic Brain Pattern

An application of generalized matrix learning vector quantization in neuroimaging

Four-YearFollow-upof [F-18]Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography-Based Parkinson's Disease-Related Pattern Expression in 20 Patients With Isolated Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder Shows Prodromal Progression

Multicenter Validation of Metabolic Abnormalities Related to PSP According to theMDS-PSPCriteria

Progressive supranuclear palsy: Common metabolic pattern in different variants

Factors affecting the harmonization of disease-related metabolic brain pattern expression quantification in [18F]FDG-PET (PETMETPAT): Working Group Summaries for European Joint Programming For Neurodegenerative Research (JPND)

Functional impact of subthalamotomy by magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound in Parkinson's disease: a hybrid PET/MR study of resting-state brain metabolism

[18F] FDG-PET-based Parkinson's Disease-related Metabolic Brain Pattern (PDRP) As A Progression Biomarker: A 4-year Follow-up In A Cohort Of Patients With Idiopathic Rem Sleep Behavior Disorder (iRBD)

Brain Imaging in RBD

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