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R. Prey, PhD

Assistant Professor

Platform Pop: Spotify's Role as an Intermediary in the Music Industry

Spotify is called the “new radio” for the influence it has on breaking new songs and artists, and for the important role it plays in music discovery and consumption. This project examines the types of artists and playlists that Spotify promotes through its own platform and on Twitter. Conceptualizing Spotify as a key intermediary, out team is investigating whether Spotify is leveling the playing field or entrenching hierarchies between major labels, independent labels and unsigned artists.

Platform Performances: How Korean popular music and musicians are adapting to online platforms (Project No. AKS-2020-R82)

How is ‘platformization’ both experienced and imagined by South Korean musicians, songwriters and producers? South Korea has been widely recognized as a center of popular music culture (Shin, 2009; Shin & Lee, 2016). The global success of ‘K-pop’ has been attributed to the affordances of platforms such as YouTube (Xu, Park & Park, 2015). However, there has been a lack of research into how platformization is influencing the creative practices of music artists in Korea. Through in-depth interviews this project seeks to gain insight into how artists understand and adapt to the platforms they distribute their music through. We thus ask: how do Korean artists adapt their practices in relation to platforms, and how is this ultimately reconfiguring music as both an art form and as a cultural industry? In asking these questions, this project hopes to provide a non-western perspective on the platformization of cultural production, and thus allow for a more comparative and global understanding of this phenomenon. 

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