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Role of quiescent cells in the homeostatic maintenance of the adult submandibular salivary gland

Age-related susceptibility to insulin resistance arises from a combination of CPT1B decline and lipid overload

Short-term protein restriction at advanced age stimulates FGF21 signalling, energy expenditure and browning of white adipose tissue

The Hippo signaling pathway effector YAP promotes salivary gland regeneration after injury

Towards frailty biomarkers: Candidates from genes and pathways regulated in aging and age-related diseases

Critical role for complement receptor C5aR2 in the pathogenesis of renal ischemia-reperfusion injury

Genomic and functional integrity of the hematopoietic system requires tolerance of oxidative DNA lesions

Lifelong dietary intervention does not affect hematopoietic stem cell function

Frailty in mouse ageing: A conceptual approach

Human Salivary Gland Stem Cells Functionally Restore Radiation Damaged Salivary Glands

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