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Motives for withdrawal of participation in biobanking and participants’ willingness to allow linkages of their data

Demographic and prosocial intrapersonal characteristics of biobank participants and refusers: the findings of a survey in the Netherlands

Effect of metabolic genetic variants on long-term disease comorbidity in patients with type 2 diabetes

Infant Motor Milestones and Childhood Overweight: Trends over Two Decades in A Large Twin Cohort

Motives of contributing personal data for health research: (non-)participation in a Dutch biobank

Trust in Centralized Large-Scale Data Repository: A Qualitative Analysis

Interventions for treating obesity in children

Later achievement of infant motor milestones is related to lower levels of physical activity during childhood: the GECKO Drenthe cohort

Sex differences in the association between plasma copeptin and incident type 2 diabetes: the Prevention of Renal and Vascular Endstage Disease (PREVEND) study (vol 59, pg 1963, 2012)

What If Pregnancy Is Not Seventh Heaven?: The Influence of Specific Life Events during Pregnancy and Delivery on the Transition of Antenatal into Postpartum Anxiety and Depression

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Digitizing business operations at the University of Groningen

Het digitaliseren van de bedrijfsvoering bij Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

SURF en Universiteiten van Nederland verkennen gebruik Mastodon in onderwijssector

SURF en Universiteiten van Nederland werken aan pilot Mastodon

SURF en Universiteiten van Nederland werken aan pilot Mastodon

RUG sluit nieuwe problemen met online-tentamens niet uit

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